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Topics of the lecture courses, seminars and trainings

of Denis Bohush and Kateryna  Petrenko

(please clarify  the detailed information by phone)

Media communications studies

  • Informational campaigns (local, national, international levels)
  • Informational wars and negative campaigns: opposition and victory
  • Press-secretary practical express-course
  • SMM course

Image and promotion

  • Image of public person: quick way to the success
  • Personal image: goal setting and search for own purpose
  • Image of a politician
  • Image of a successful woman

Education for local election officials

  • Links between the institutions of local government and local communities
  • Strategic and tactic planning for local councils and in the framework of local councils

Education in the sphere of municipal governance

  • Strategic development of the city

Education on electoral campaigns for political parties, candidates and their organizational structure

  • Inclusion of the questions concerning gender and disabled problems in the strategic message of the candidate’s electoral campaign and\or local centers of the political parties
  • Key structures, functions and activities of the political party’s local centers
  • Strong local center characteristics during the elections and inter-election period
  • Definition of priority tasks, messages and projects for political parties and candidates
  • Creating of strategic message for electoral campaign – selection, identification, working out and development of the campaign’s strategic message
  • Creative methods for the work with mass media as the key element in political communication
  • Contemporary methods of using social media for providing contact with the electorate and reporting of the electoral campaign and political party’s message
  • Practical examples of creative and successful advertisement in comparison to unsuccessful political advertisement
  • Propaganda and PR – what is the difference?
  • What is considered to be an electorate manipulation – how to avoid and protect
  • How to find, engage and use correctly the members of the party, activists and volunteers
  • Lessons of political parties of other countries -together with their structure, functions, international communications, ideology, campaign methods
  • How to move from the state of civil society activist to the cooperation with political parties and creation of future political career
  • Skills and methods of public speaking
  • Organization and work of an political party effective press service
  • Strategic orientation of the electorate
  • How to motivate electorate to support a party/candidate

Education on youth leadership

  • Proper role and usage of mass media, social media
  • Proper role of the linkages with the civil society and communications of political leaders and civil activists
  • Creation of personal brand and image
  • Political agitation – together with voluntary fulfillment of the requires, visiting the electorate on the agitation purpose, charity, , messaging, electorate positioning
  • Skills and methods of public speaking
  • Development of good personal skills and attributes – including time management, definition of personal aims, conflict management, working out personal tasks, connections and acquaintances, problem solution, verbal and unverbal communication and good interpersonal communication skills
  • Creation and implementation of the strategic plan.
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