Body and Spiritual Improvement

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Today Ukraine is leading the world ratings on spreading od alcoholism, AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases.  Free medicine in Ukraine remains extremely unavailable; private medicine is too expensive; and the economic and social crisis in our country deepens the problems of alcoholism and spreading of diseases.

That is why today it is so important in Ukrainian society to propagandize (promote) a healthy lifestyle, make our citizens, especially the youth, interested in different programs of physical, moral and emotional development.

This system of complex physical and spiritual development – “Alfa Xontrol” – was  developed  and worked out by Mr. Denis Bohush, who holds a degree in medicine, martial arts teacher and author of more than twenty curriculums/publications.

Alfa Control is a system of effective self-regulation and development of human superpowers together with consciousness development. System of Alfa Control consists of 4 levels:

  • Health strengthening
  • Stress management
  • Superpowers development
  • Consciousness development

This system consists of special instruments and methods for conscious regulation of physical, emotional and mental conditions.

There are 8 levels of the system Alfa Control and an additional 10 master levels. The complete studies of the system at the level of a master takes a few years, and for learning the basic techniques you will need only a few classes. Even after a few classes an ordinary person may use the techniques of Alfa Control at the level of elite Special Forces soldiers.

The system, Alfa Control, has a theoretical and practical part. There are techniques for working with the body, psychics and consciousness aiming not only at sanitation and self-improvement, but also for using them in extreme situations.

In order to achieve the higher system level, it is necessary to learn and fix the previous mistakes/errors. For example, to get to the level of stress management, it is necessary to study healthy principles, tasks of the first level and transform the body,  and eliminate bad habits. And only in case of significant expansion of the possibilities of hereditary, breathing, nutritional and protective factors of human health (finishing first level), it is possible to move to stress practices. Therefore,  the higher levels of the system provide enough level of protection from stress, and maintain a stable, sober thinking (decision making) in different conditions and situations.


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