Female Leadership

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What is the role of women in the contemporary world? The answer to this question has been asked for a long time already – it is fundamental. In the modern world, women are not only mothers and wives, teachers and doctors, actresses and models. In the XXI century women in a line (together?) with men successfully work in a key positions in business and politics (or all spheres of society). Every year the list of the most influential people in the world is composed by more and more women. The representatives of womankind lead governments such as  the Honorable Angela Merkel,  Honoroable Hillary Clinton, or an umistaken ally of Ukraine, president of Lithuania,  the Honorable Dalia Grybauskaite. More and more woman become CEO’s of large corporations in the most successful spheres or create their own companies – Marissa Mayer (Google corporation, CEO of Yahoo), Meg Whitman headed (CEO-headed is not proper English) Hewlett-Packard, founder of Zara Rosalia Mera,  or Oprah Winfrey a world wide media celebrity, etc. Ukraine also does not fall behind the world leaders. In 2014, the first place in the rating of the most influential women according to the “Focus” (what is it? Magazine, poll, etc) was given to the World Woman –  a collective image of thousands of Ukrainian women, who work today for their country’s breakthrough towards the better life.

Such an unprecedented success of women in politics and business has impartial reasons. The point is that women, compared to men, are more inherent to:

  • Effective leadership based on soft power and diplomacy;
  • Using unusual methods and creative way of thinking;
  • System approach and responsibility;
  • Less risk aversion;
  • Trustworthy for partners and society.

In Ukraine female leadership has never developed either systemically and professionally. Gender representation in Ukrainian parliament causes concern, women in business and politics often are perceived as “protégés” of influential men. The reformation of Ukrainian society has to clean out the negative stereotypes of the post-Soviet system, as the modern world of female leaders, female politicians, female directors and just successful women is not only just the ‘new normal’, it is a trend, it is here to stay

The program of our female leadership program, “Make yourself a Queen”, is oriented on successful women who care about personal and professional development and want to change their life for better.

The program of comprehensive development for women “Make yourself a Queen” consists of special courses which cover four key spheres in the life of a modern successful woman:

  1. I am the basis, ground, fundament of personality, without which any superstructures, happy relationships and life achievements are impossible. Everyone of us inside have negative factors of I – fears, complexes, and discontentment. All of this causes internal depression, nervousness, uncertainty. And uncertainty of course causes lack of success. That is why the first and the most important step on the way to success is working on your personality, analysis of fears and uncertainty, statement of the aims and determining the ways to achieve them.
  2. Personal relationships and family is the sphere where the woman knows how to be in the center of attention, take care and love, gift warmth and understanding, harmonize the world around her and relations with people. The majority of this we do subconsciously as we can use intuition to feel partners and situations, searching for solutions for psychologically difficult situations.
  3. Professional development and the team – this is the sphere of women self-realization, manifestation of their talents, ambitions and creative skills. It is extremely important for a woman to know how to be satisfied with the work she does, and it is necessary to construct in a correct way her professional life, relationships with boss and subordinates, clearly define the ways of career advancement in order to provide internal piece and confidence. All of this could be gained by correct usage of soft power and governance
  4. Society and authority – is the sphere where all purposeful women crave for recognition. 220 likes for the photo in social networks is one of the types of social success and publicity. But there are more examples of women who already are successful in public or political spheres, have perfect public speaking and leadership skills and strive for using their potential for society and state development.

These women today unite in International Association Free Ukraine, and the program of comprehensive development “Make yourself a Queen” helps them to achieve success by specially designed courses:

  1. Internal harmony and self-sufficiency
  2. Presentation and creation of their own image
  3. Correct organization of their personal aims and tasks
  4. PR and attracting attention
  5. Successful communications: the art of persuasion and diplomacy
  6. Management and governance by using soft power
  7. Conflict management
  8. Time management
  9. System thinking and strategy
  10. Public speaking
  11. Working under pressure

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