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The Lviv Leadership Academy or LLA is a two-week intensive international summer course held in Lviv, Ukraine for higher education students and young professionals. Every year LLA invites around forty young leaders from Ukraine, Eastern Partnership Nations, the EU, and Balkan countries.

Academic courses Lviv Leadership Academy Curriculum:

The Lviv Leadership Academy’s academic courses feature a combination of international experts and professors from Ukraine, Slovakia, and the United States. The academic portion is a balance between theoretical lessons and practical workshops designed by the professors. Our participants are required to be active and have numerous opportunities to showcase their own leadership skills.

The courses taught at Lviv Leadership Academy are: conflict management, free-market economic theory, democracies in transition, leadership and cultures in the 21st century, and the role of media (traditional and social) in conflict areas. The Academy also features several guest lectures separated from the academic courses.
The Lviv Leadership Academy also features an educational day trip dedicated to the history of Lviv and the Carpathian region.

Strategic Leadership in the 21st Century

Mr. Matthew Kwasiborski, USA
AILTE Founder; European Institutes Director, The Fund for American Studies; Board of Trustees Member, Anglo-American University

The leadership component of LLA will help participants identify their ethical leadership foundation; will educate on various leadership styles including Path Goal Theory, Servant Leadership and Emotional Leadership. Students will also participate in a leadership simulation and participative group presentations.

Conflict Management:

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Marashi, USA
California State University, San Marcos; King Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain

The conflict management component serves as an introduction to the theories and practice of conflict management. By the end of the component, participants will have a nuanced understanding of conflict and gain conceptual tools to better understand the different phases of conflicts and various responses and strategies for their management. While conflicts naturally generate emotions and passions, this course will examine how to empathize and analyze the arguments surrounding various conflicts. Skills will be gained in analytical thinking, leadership and conflict, and forming constructive arguments.

  1. The theories of conflict management and resolution
    2. The tools to analyze arguments that underpin conflict
    3. How to analyze the phases of conflict globally, that you encounter when following conflicts in the media, or the ones you encounter in your daily lives
    4. Development of leadership skills, particularly in regards to conflict management
    5. How to develop media strategies in response to conflict
    6. Appreciate the relationship between conflict, economics, and markets
    7. Appreciate the relationship between conflict and gender

Democracies in Transition:

Hon. Pavol Demes, Slovak Republic
Fmr. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Slovak Republic; German Marshall Fund

Dr. Pavol Demes brings his extensive experience during the Velvet Revolution of 1989 and the Velvet Divorce between Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in 1993 to the Lviv Leadership Academy classroom. Dr. Demes was highly instrumental in the development of Slovakia as a nation from its birth after the Velvet Divorce. Not only did he serve as Foreign Minister but also was a top advisor to the young Slovak governments thereafter. He continued training other young democratic movements in Kosovo, Kurdistan Regions, Georgia, and Ukraine amongst others. Mr. Demes also teaches a similar course for The Fund for American Studies’s long-time Prague Institute, AIPES. Mr. Demes’s component teaches emerging democracies about the pitfalls of development as well as the strengths democracy will bring once it is implemented. Mr. Demes also examines the role of mobile cultures and their effect on democracy.

Foundations of a Free Society:

Mr. Ivan Miklos, Slovak Republic
Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Ivan Mikloš is former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic (2002-2006, 2010-2012), Deputy Prime Minister for Economy (1998-2002), and Minister of Privatization (1991-1992). He co-founded and led an economic think-tank MESA10 (1992-1998). During 2006-2010 and 2012-2016 he was a Member of Parliament. In 2014 he was appointed again as President of MESA10 and became a member of the International Advisory Board of National Reform Council of Ukraine and platform VoxUkraine. Until April 2016 he served as a Chief Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine and as an Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Since April 2016 he serves as a Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and Co-chairman of the Strategic Advisory Group for Support of Ukrainian Reforms. He is also a Co-founder of Ukrainian economic think-thank Centre for Economic Strategy.

Ivan Mikloš was one of the leading figures of economic transformation in Slovakia. Ivan Mikloš significantly contributed to the entry of the Slovak Republic into the OECD and started an extensive and effective tax reform. He led the government agenda on economic restructuring and fiscal consolidation. The second Dzurinda´s government (2002-2006) gained a very reformist reputation thanks to severe austerity measures and a comprehensive program of structural reforms (tax, social sector, pension, healthcare, public finance, labour market) backed by Ivan Mikloš. Thanks to these reforms Slovakia was able to join Eurozone in 2009. In 2004 he was awarded by Euromoney the best Minister of Finance of the Year and the top business reformer by the World Bank´s Doing Business report. Ivan Mikloš is the author of the Book of reforms (2005), Rewriting the Rule (2001) and also of dozens of studies and articles in the expert and popular press.


The Lviv Leadership Academy is held at the Ivan Franko National University, Lviv. Ivan Franko National University was founded in 1661 and is the oldest continuous operational university in Ukraine. The faculty of international relations and diplomacy are our host faculty as classes take place in their building located just across the street from the main university building. Our participants stay at University dormitories located in the city center and a 10-15 minute walk from campus. The address of Ivan Franko National University: Universytetska St, 1, Lviv. The dormitories are located at University Dormitory №1, Hertsena Street 7.

Meals: Included breakfasts and lunches during the work week. Dinners are not provided unless noted on the schedule. And students are responsible for their own meals over the weekends.

Academic Material: LLA Participants are provided with some readings to be completed prior to the program, all materials are distributed during LLA. We recommend participants bring a notebook, tablet or laptop for notetaking. Students are required to take two final graded exams at the end of the academy.

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