National Superhero

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Today in the mass consciousness of peoples vision of different nations is made up by the sight of bright national heroes into the mass culture. Turn on your TV and you will see on what examples our children are raised. Today virtual and toy ideals of children are superheroes – from musketeers to Spiderman, Batman and the  Simpsons (I would say, Wonder Woman) .  Our children’s world view and moral principles are being shaped by these characters on a daily basis influencing their perception of real life.

We aim to take our audiences into the world of our native Ukrainian heroes , which are much more interesting and profound, familiar to our consciousness and more useful for construction of real world picture (of Ukraine). After all, in the traditions of Ukrainian culture there are numerous important and beautiful pages of history – Trypillia, Skifian era, Kyiv Rus’, the heroic Cossack period, and the liberation movement for the independence of our country.

Cossack – Kharakternyk is the Ukrainian national vision of a human hero, who had deep knowledge and supernatural abilities. These unique people were not common even among the Cossacks of those times. All the adults were afraid of these people, and all the children secretly wanted to be like them. Cossacks- Kharakternyky are the real face of the history of our country. The techniques and educational system which they developed and studied are the precious treasure of Ukrainian culture, which are worth studying and imitating.

Story of the Cossack -Kharakternyk is the story of power, unknown to the contemporary audience. But just a hundred or two hundred years ago these facts could be witnessed by many people in the world. All of this could be perceived as a fairy tale or beautiful legend but the sacral knowledge hidden here were once an inherent part of the human lives in Ukraine.

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