New Elite Training

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Earth Power is a unique system of education and training of a new elite in Ukraine. The bases of the system are the modern professional knowledge and Ukrainian traditions. The aim of the training is the formation of active citizens with Ukrainian worldview and implementation throughout all levels of the state powers.

Today, Ukraine needs a new elite. It is not just a slogan, it is an urgent necessity! It is already understood either by the left, or the right, the authorities currently in power, the opposition and of course by the ordinary people. We need specially educated leaders with modern knowledge, competencies and technologies of governance, who know their origins and are proud of their country.

The  Earth Power educational system is oriented first of all on the formation of acomplex picture of the world and public consciousness. The basis of our training are Ukrainian national traditions and European democratic principles, conscience and morality, mechanisms are modern professional knowledge, physical training and discipline.

The Earth Power Training System provides:

  • Transformation of the students according to the concept of active citizen – from an ordinary person into an influential citizen. A number of courses and seminars on the grounds of citizenship will be conducted. Students study the basics of legal protection, understand the structure and principles of civil society functions, study world experiences and Ukrainian practice of public initiatives, study the rules and the order of official appeals and statements.
  • Provide an educational program that focuses on learning professional knowledge after studying a complex of lectures and training courses. The program is elaborated on the grounds of the most contemporary world achievements in the sphere of political science, PR, communications, advertisement, management, and informational technologies. The participants of the system receive basic knowledge in the sphere of political technologies and communications, public speaking, speech writing, effective leadership and governance technologies. This experience is unique and are almost not taught in the framework of academic professional education in Ukraine
  • Learning the basics of strategic thinking and its application to the actualization of the “Project Ukraine”. Learning appropriate skills at this level is oriented for the development of the students’ analytical abilities; deepening their understanding of the social and political processes happening in the world and in Ukraine; studying the basics of personality psychology. They will also develop analytical abilities which is important to understand modern manipulative technologies, globalization processes, psychological technologies; learning the basics of creative thinking and birth of ideas, laws of the authority hierarchy, strategic games, expanded perception of the reality, organization of public lectures and discussions etc.
  • Learning Ukrainian traditions and physical training. Through a program of youth military and patriotic training, Earth Power provides patriotic education and formation of an active life position; popularization and implementation of collective meaningful leisure; healthy lifestyle propaganda; development of interest to Ukrainian history, traditions of Ukrainian warriors; and shaping the skills that are essential for acting in complicated life situations;  formation of the feeling of collectiveness; development of commander (leadership) skills, friendship and mutual assistance. The participants will also study Cossack training, Kharakternyk doctrine, secrets of Ukrainian fairy tales, proverbs and sayings, artifacts and places of this territory power, topography and orientation; they will have physical training including dogfighting (what?). An important emphasis will also be put on living healthy lifestyle, harm of smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

The Earth Power learning and training process is based on a level system. Moving up to the next level is possible only after completing all the complex of knowledge, skills and competences of the previous one. Education on every level is realized according to the specially prepared programs and educational materials. Every level is finished by graduation tests and examination.

The Earth Power organization provides youth education starting at the age of 6  and is aimed to raise and form influential citizens,  creating a new elite together with the further implementation of them into the institutions of power. The system is divided into levels named after the animals: Ant, Snake, Pike, Cat, Greyhound, Owl, Falcon. Every level consorts with the rank in the concept of active citizen. Moving up to the next level is possible only after completing all the complex of knowledge, skills and competences and willingness to study the next, more complicated course. After the age of 16 the participants of Earth power receive the rank of “citizen” and need to have appropriate characteristics. Further movement through the levels depends not on the age but on the extent of succeeding in getting the knowledge, skills and characteristics. Participants continue their individual development (from the citizen to active citizen) and professional development (to influential citizen) in the sphere of state and social governance.

Ukraine is a territory of the unique lifestyle and worldview.  The power of this land changes the people. We know how to arrange our life and organize the space that surrounds us, without taking into account the external factors.  Earth Power for our people is in the ability of revive, which always happens after all the novitiations (don’t understand this word). Ukrainian renaissance is happening today. And we need a new national elite, raised in understanding this territory, filled with the power of this land. This elite can bring Ukraine new aims, strategies,  development in all specters and an influential position in the world. Our land is our power.


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