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The mission of the International Association Free Ukraine is to achieve freedom and democracy in our country and to elevate the position of Ukraine in the world.

The main goals of International Association Free Ukraine:

  • The achievement of freedom and democracy in Ukraine;
  • Positive positioning of Ukraine in the world;
  • Amplification of leadership through modern education;
  • Promotion of Ukrainian culture;
  • Conducting effective political communication and establishing a dialogue between society and the authorities.

Our future relies on us, so let’s defend free Ukraine together!

According to its mission and goals, International Association Free Ukraine implements its tasks in the following areas:

Freedom and Democracy:
– Security
– Fight against corruption
– Establishment of an impartial and uncorrupted justice system and rule of law
– Euro-integration
– Implementation of democratic reforms
– The economic development of Ukraine

Positioning of Ukraine in the World:
– The image of Ukraine
– Supporting free and independent media
– Providing professional political, economical and media analytics

Leadership and Modern Education:
– Training the new political elite in Ukraine
– Women’s leadership
– Educational programs for future leaders
– Personal self-improvement

Ukrainian Culture:
– Restoration of cultural heritage destroyed by foreign occupations
– Taditional Ukrainian culture
– Audio and visual art
– Foreign occupancy in the history of Ukraine
– Creating a national super-hero

Political Communication:
– Political technologies
– Lobbying
– Electoral Research
– Media Communications
– PR
– Anti-Crisis Communication


The citizens of Ukraine have made their choice toward a country where freedom and democracy, European values and the supremacy of the rule of law are the most important characteristics of our new Ukraine. Nevertheless, Ukraine’s geopolitical location and our large neighboring state are resisting the free choice of Ukrainians by using military force inside the country and conducting anti-Ukrainian information propaganda throughout the world.

Ukrainians all over the world, same as citizens of other countries, understand that to defend the Ukrainian choice means to defend freedom and democratic values in the modern Western world. That is the main reason why it is so important to disseminate true information on what is happening in Ukraine; to train a new class of political elite for our country based on democratic values, and for the implementation of a fair and just legal system; renew and promote Ukrainian culture, which was being systematically destroyed at this territory for centuries. Finally, to promote individual healthy lifestyles and personal growth through Ukrainian society.

Our future relies on us, so let’s defend free Ukraine together!

To implement the mission, aims and tasks, the association operates in the following spheres:

International – establishing relationships in the international sphere, experience exchanges while improving the image of Ukraine in the world, facilitating the joining of Ukraine the European community at all levels.

Education – conducting educational programs, conferences, round tables and discussions in order to increase level of public awareness and information about objective processes, which are being made in Ukraine and the world.

Analytical – preparation of analytical reports, articles, programs, presentations and other documents; comprehensive research in the socio-political and economic spheres; involvement of national and foreign experts in working within “think tanks” to solve social problems and tasks.

Economic – promoting business development and entrepreneurship, enhancing the growth of the scientific and economic potential in Ukraine, establishing international cooperation and partnership with the government.

Information – dissemination of true information in Ukraine and abroad; report objective information to the Ukrainian society abroad; confronting the anti-Ukrainian propaganda coming from Russia in Ukraine and the international community.

Cultural – promotion of national and political culture in Ukraine, cultural exchange at the international level, organizing cultural events, issuing printed, -audio, -video and visual products.

Environmental – promote environmental awareness both inside and outside Ukraine; improving environmental quality standards and dairy products for the citizens of Ukraine.

Science – popularization of science in Ukraine, promotion among the international community about the scientific achievements of Ukrainians.

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